Friday, May 9, 2008

Kyler's New Train Table

Remember how I said that Kyler loved the train table at our friends house? Well, I broke down and bought him one. Grandpa Snyder came over yesterday and put it together for me since Daddy was out of town. It took over two hours to put together but the table looks great and Kyler loves it. We couldn't get him to go to bed last night. We would put him in bed and he would open his door and make a run for the stairs! It was a LONG night!!
Grandpa is just getting started.

Grandpa was shocked at all the little pieces!

Kyler woke up from his nap and was ready to help Grandpa.

Grandpa, play with me!

The finished product. Look at all those little pieces. I bet those don't stick around for long!

Thank you soooo much Grandpa Snyder for all your hard work and for taking time on your day off to come down and put the train table together for Kyler. We really appreciate it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kyler's New Do

This is what happens when Daddy takes Kyler to get his hair cut:

4 Months Old Already

Mommy says that I am as cute as a button!
Please say that you agree.Oh, now I'm just embarrassed!

Today Ella turned 4 months old. She is finally sleeping through the night-kind of. She had been doing quite well and going to bed around 9PM and sleeping until 7AM. However, last night she had a sneezing fit and that woke her up around 2AM. But that's ok. I expect a couple of setbacks. We have found that the key to getting her to sleep all night is I have to feed her quite frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, that also means that I don't get much else done. I suppose if that is how I get my sleep I will have to do it. Her 4 month appt is scheduled next week so with all this constant feeding I am curious to see how much she weighs. She actually seems to have thinned out, or maybe she has just gotten longer. Who knows. Don't worry though, she still has her cute little rolls. Why is that they are so cute on her, but not so cute on me!? That totally seems unfair! Do you think I will outgrow them like she will?! I have my fingers crossed:)

She is still rolling, she is reaching for toys, she drools like crazy-I keep checking for teeth but so far nothing, she loves to smile and jabber, and she HATES to be ignored! She is ok with being put down (sometimes), however someone MUST be there to entertain her. Kyler usually does a good job with that. She is still having issues with spitting up. I'm not quite sure what the deal is with that. She seems to spit up more when we are away from home. It makes for very messy outings! I have really enjoyed the last 4 months (with the exception of no sleep!) and I look forward to watching her grow and change.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Playdate!

Today Grandpa Snyder stopped by after a meeting at work to play with Kyler for a little while. Kyler was VERY excited to see Grandpa and couldn't wait to drag him downstairs to play. Thank you Grandpa for stopping by to play.

It's a McParty

Join us over at The McMommy Chronicles for a fun 30th birthday bash on Thursday.

You'll be able to vote for your favorite party shoes. It's sure to be FUN FUN FUN!!
Here's my party shoes-make sure you vote for them!

Playdate with Hunter and Kira

Kira Ann, born April 20th, 2008. Isn't she tiny?!
Kyler and Hunter playing with the Thomas train set.

Today my friend Jennifer came over with her two kids. She has a boy, Hunter, who is Kyler's age, and a baby girl, Kira, that is just a few weeks old. The boys had a blast playing with Kyler's cars, puzzles, and train set. The girls slept the whole time! Maybe next time they will stay awake long enough to have some fun!

Ella's First Swing Ride

Ella Grace hangin' out in the swing.
This is what Kyler did while Ella was in the swing! Can you see those big crocodile tears?!

Today Ella got to swing on the baby swing outside for the first time. I don't think she quite knew what to think of it. Kyler, however, was NOT happy that Ella was in HIS swing! He can swing in the big boy swing, however lately he has been wanting to swing in the baby swing. Hopefully, as the weather gets nicer he'll be more up for sharing HIS swing!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Kyler!

You love to help mommy clean.

Dear Kyler,
Today you are 2 1/2 years old. I can't believe you are growing up so fast. I am constantly amazed and impressed with all the things you can do and say. You already know the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that most of them make, the colors, you can count to 15, you talk like there is no tomorrow, always say please and thank you, and let's see, I am sure there are more things but I just can't think of them right now. You are constantly cracking us all up. Some of the things that you say are hilirous. For instance, the other night you were quite hyper and daddy asked you if you had been drinking red bull and you said, no daddy, mommy gave me blue bull. Thanks Kyler, always blaming mommy!

This year you have been attending Mom's Day Out at our church. At first you weren't so sure about it, but now you love it. You have made some great friends and really enjoying playing. Your favorite playmate is your "girlfriend" Paighton.

You are quite small for age. Or should I say quite skinny for your age. You weigh about 26 lbs. I keep trying to fatten you up but you are just to busy playing to eat much food. I have a feeling that some day you will eat us out of house and home so I should probably treasure these days!

You have become a wonderful big brother. At first you weren't quite sure what to think of your baby sis, but now you can't get enough of her. You love to hold her, however you can't hold her for long because she is to heavy for you! You hate it when she sleeps. I am guessing this is because you want her to play with you. You love to give her blankies, toys and different things to play with. I know that as Ella grows you two will become great friends.

Thank you Kyler Michael for a wonderful 2 1/2 years. Your daddy and I look forward to watching you grow and change. Just promise not to do it to quickly:)
We love you my little monster man.

Dinner With Friends

Phoebe and Ella

The boys swinging on the swing set.

Phoebe, Ella and Carter. I have no idea how she got both of them on her lap with a baby in her tummy!

This is what Kyler really enjoyed! The train table!

Look at Phoebe's cute little tummy! I can't believe you are due at the end of August!

On Sunday evening we headed over to our friends, Jaime and Phoebe's house for dinner. They have a son, Carter, who is a little older then Kyler. They usually play very well together! Last night they did a very good job of playing together and sharing. I was very proud of how far they have both come! Carter is going to have a new little sister in August so this was good practice for him. He got to see mommy holding Ella and even though he was just a bit jealous I think he will be a great big brother. Thank you Jaime, Phoebe, and Carter for a wonderful evening and a wonderful dinner!

Moving Day

This is Grandma's version of "helping."
Uncle Chris finally holding Ella!

Kyler and Grandpa helping outside.

This weekend we helped my sister and her hubbie move to their new house in KC. We woke up at the crack of dawn to head up there-which unfortunately wasn't a problem since the kids were already up! We had to make a quick pit stop in Emporia to drop of something at my friends house. No problem there either. As we were leaving Emporia Kyler decided that he was car sick and threw up everywhere! Sooooo we turned around when back to my friends house, gave Kyler a quick bath and got back on the road. It was not a pleasant ride to KC. Our car did not smell all that pretty. In fact, I had to stop and buy Kyler a new jacket since he threw up on the one he was wearing so I decided to also buy an industrial sized bottle of air freshener! The car smelled much better after that!

While we were in KC our good friends, Mike, Andi and their son Jett, stopped by to visit us. It was so great to see them. When we lived in Emporia we hung out with them a lot. Then they moved to KC and we moved to Wichita and we hardly ever get to see them. I thought maybe Kyler would play with Jett, however, Grandpa was around so that is who Kyler hung with most of the day.
Jett just turned 1! What a big boy he is!

Andi holding Ella.

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