Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Today Kyler is playing with Grandma Snyder so Ella and Mommy went shopping.

Ella was excellent, I am training her early to be an excellent shopper!

Ella got a couple new dresses, Kyler got some new dress shirts, and mommy got a new pair of black heels. I decided it was time to splurge. I hadn't bought new black dress shoes since I was in high school. Don't get me wrong, I still wear them, they are the most comfortable dress shoes I own, however, I saw a good deal and just couldn't resist.

When we got home Ella took a nap and mommy cleaned.

Ella woke up and mommy decided it was picture time. Doesn't she look SUPER adorable in her 4th of July outfit!

Happy 4th of July everyone!
I hope you are safe.
Don't do anything silly though.
Make sure you watch all the pretty fireworks.
I'm not all that big into color.
But definitely be sure to go to bed at a reasonable time!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Ella: Did you know that I love my mommy? In fact, I love her SO much that I want her to hold me ALL.THE.TIME! That's right, folks. I just love it when my mommy is holding me. She keeps saying that she has stuff to do, like sleep, but I don't believe her. What could possibly be better then cuddling with me?

Mommy: Just so you know, dear, nothing is better then cuddling with you. However, mommy does need some sleep so if you could maybe save the cuddling for the daytime that would be great. Um, thanks.

Kyler: Did you know that I love my mommy too? She really is the greatest. She let's me play in the dog water, throw rocks in the dog food, run around barefoot in the backyard, and ride on the doggies backs. What a sweet mama I have. Sometimes, though, I wish she had a little bit more patience with me. I am only 2 after all mommy. Look at this face, does this look like an ornery face. I mean come on here. I'm sweet and innocent. Right!?

Mommy: Oh, Kyler, sweet and innocent is so NOT your middle name my dear! Well, maybe sweet, innocent ,however, not so much! For the record, if I would have known that you were playing in the dog water, throwing rocks in the dog food, running barefoot in the backyard, and riding on the doggies backs, I would have stopped you. You really do have a knack for picking the best times to do stuff like that!

I will try to be more patient with you. Sometimes I forget that you are only 2. It's just that you act like such a big boy sometimes. Bear with me little man. I am working on the patience thing. It would probably help if your sister let me get just a touch more sleep though. Would you mind talking to her about that for me? Thanks Bud.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm To Old For This....

Dad-Delete, Delete, Delete

This weekend I felt the urge to feel young again. That's right folks, I went to a bar, I drank alcoholic beverages, I saw penis'(no, not real ones), I held hair back, and I had a hangover.

My best friend had her bachelorette party this weekend. And being the wonderful Matron of Honor that I am, I went. I actually had a blast that night.

However, the next morning, ummm, not so much fun. There is a reason that I don't do that. It's called a HANGOVER folks! And boy did I have one!

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband and when I got home he let me go back to bed. Thank you for that dear. I think he could tell that I wasn't functioning!

Mental note to self: 3 Mike's Hard Lemonades, 1 Sex on the Beach, 1 Bottle of Wine, and 2 Bud Lights=HANGOVER!!

I'll leave you with some pictures so you can feel like you were there also! You don't have to do all the drinking though! I did enough of that for all of us!

Mommy and Julie (one of the Bridesmaids)
Adriane, the Bride to Be, and Mommy
Kristi, Mommy, and Adriane

The Whole Crew!

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