Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's More....

....Good news that is!!

We met with the oncologist today to review the PET scan and CT scan. Guess what folks...


Yes, I am currently doing back flips and dancing a bit of a jig (and drinking another bottle of wine!!)

I will still be going through treatment with Interferon. The first month is going to suck big time.
I will have an IV placed every day (Monday through Friday) for a month. The IV treatment will take around 2 hours. I am going to start this on August 11th. (I am pretty sure they have internet access, I will definitely be blog hopping that month!)
After the first month (20 days) I will have shots 3 days a week for 11 months.
The IV treatment is going to be the worse. It has quite a few side effects.
So don't be surprised, those of you that are close, when you get a phone call from me asking for help. I will probably need it.

It doesn't sound like the shots will be all that bad. I will head to the oncologists office and will probably be bringing the kids with me. But, you know what, I'm cancer free so I don't really care! Maybe it will even get me in quicker!

After the Interferon the chance of recurrence is around 30%. So not cool.

After all this it really should be less, right? But, this is currently the best treatment for Melanoma.
Kyler and Ella are both VERY happy to hear that their mommy is going to be around for many, many years.
Did you hear the news? Our mommy is cancer free!!
(Like the train Amanda and Beans?!)

Thank you all for your prayers and your awesome bloggy vibes.

They obviously paid off!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

(Finally) Some Good News

I went to my follow up appt with the surgeon today (and yes he is still my BFF). He looked at my incisions and said they are healing nicely.

I also told him about a couple of moles that the oncologist wanted removed. However, yesterday when I went to the dermatologist he refused to remove them. I know, weird right? He said they weren't anything to worry about and wouldn't take them off.

The surgeon went ahead and took them off. That made me feel better.

He also had his nurse call and have the results of the CT scan and PET scan faxed to them. The CT scan came through while I was there and guess what.....


(and, yes, Cody, it did show that I had a brain)

This, my friends, is the best news I have heard all month!!

I am still waiting for them to call about the results from the PET scan. However, since it is now 6:30PM, I will not be finding out that news tonight.

That's ok.

Because if those come back and show it has spread it will totally ruin this high I am on!!

I do believe I will be enjoying a glass (bottle) of wine tonight in celebration. Maybe you guys would like to join me?

Here is Kyler kissing my boo-boos from the removal of the two moles today.

Isn't he a sweetheart!

I asked the Dr to give me a tummy tuck while he was at it. He wouldn't:(

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

100 Random Things About Me

1. I am a perfectionist.

2. Before kids my house was always nice and tidy.

3. After kids, not so much.

4. I am so tired of looking at toys all over my living room.

5. I love watching my kids play with aforementioned toys!

6. Because it means they are happy.

7. I LOVE Diet Pepsi.

8. I love Reese's Peanut Butter cups.

9. I was a strict vegetarian for 10 years.

10. When I got pregnant my body craved meat. I settled on chicken.

11. I still eat chicken, but that is the only meat that I will eat.

12. I hate cooking.

13. Cody does all the cooking.

14. I love eating!

15. I would like to lose 10 more lbs.

16. I love breastfeeding.

17. I am very sad to quit breastfeeding.

18. I cry about it often.

19. I also cry about other things quite often lately.

20. I am tall. 5'10 to be exact.

21. My favorite color is pink.

22. I am very close to my parents.

23. I talk to my mom several times a day.

24. I am very close to my mother in law.

25. I talk to her at least once a day.

26. I do not get along with my sister in law.

27. I love my brother and sister very much.

28. I love my Coach purse.

29. Unfortunately, I carry a diaper bag most of the time.

30. I like to wear heels.

31. I don't like to wear shorts.

32. I love wearing capris.

33. I am obsessed with buying clothes for my children.

34. I hate working outside in the flower beds and gardens.

35. I hate bugs.

36. And weeds.

37. I love my children more then I love myself.

38. I would do anything for my children.

39. I wore braces for 5 years.

40. I have horrible eyesight.

41. Without contacts or glasses, my vision is 20/200.

42. I hope my kids don't get my eyesight!

43. I have a huge stock of cloth diapers. (I like Bum Genius All in Ones the best)

44. Oddly enough, I enjoy washing them. There is something oddly satisfying about having clean diapers.

45. I taught Special Education for 6 years.

46. I enjoyed teaching.

47. Some days I still miss it.

48. I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Teaching.

49. That will be put on hold here pretty soon because...

50. I have Melanoma Cancer.

51. I am stubborn.

52. I can be a real bitch.

53. I am very upfront.

54. I tend to be more negative then positive.

55. I am trying to become a more positive person.

56. I love to get mail.

57. And comments.

58. And email.

59. I am constantly hitting refresh to see if I have new email.

60. Reality TV makes me happy.

61. My favorite reality show is Survivor, or maybe Big Brother, or America's Next Top Model. Oh I can't decide. I love them all.

62. I am not a morning person.

63. I secretly enjoy getting up with Ella in the middle of the night.

64 . But only once. More then that and I get a little grouchy!

65. Sonic is my choice of fast food.

66. My brother still calls me "Heavy" because he couldn't say "Heather" when he was little. (He is 24 now!)

67. I just turned 30.

68. I was very upset about turning 30.

69. In the grand scheme of things, I don't really care that I just turned 30.

70. When I am sad or depressed I shop. For my kids usually. Maybe that's why their closets are bursting at the seams!

71. I love pugs.

72. We used to have 2. When Kyler was born they wouldn't stop fighting so we had to find a new home for Precious. That sucked.

73. I can curse like a sailor.

74. Especially if I'm pissed!

75. We try to attend church every Sunday. I have to ask for forgiveness for my sailor mouth!

76. My husband is very similar to my father.

77. I am very lucky to have wonderful males in my life.

78. I like to make lists.

79. I try to keep our movies in alphabetical order.

80. They never stay that way long. Thank you Kyler.

81. When we were trying to pick a name for Kyler we had a list of 21 to choose from. Cody went in one room, I went in another and wrote down our top 5. Kyler was the only name that was the same.

82. Our original boy baby name was stolen from a certain family member.

83. When we were choosing Ella's name we did not tell it to anyone.

84. Ella's name changed several times.

85. I love both of the names that we have chosen for our children.

86. I think, after all of this chemo, I may want to have another child. (Gasp!!)

87. My babies are my strength right now.

88. Think how strong I would be with 6 kids running around! I kid!

89. I would be done at three.

90. We couldn't afford more then three.

91. Remember, I love to buy them clothes.

92. I can't stand it when men wear sweat pants. It grosses me out.

93. I drive a silver Equinox.

94. In about 4 years it will be all mine.

95. I love Mexican food.

96. Taking baths scare me.

97. Don't worry, I take showers.

98. My bathroom must be clean.

99. I love my husband.

100. I am addicted to blogging!

Is anyone still here? That was a lot of uninteresting things about yours truly. I am sooooo sorry that I bored you all to death. Please forgive me.

And.... in the words of Becks , Peace out Homies.

My Baby Bro...

... is getting MARRIED!! I just can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday that he was 2 years old and my sister I were picking on him!

Adam is 6 years younger then me. We have always been close. We have always respected each other and when we were younger we rarely (if ever) fought. Some of that, I am sure had to do with the age difference. But I think even more had to do with the amount of love that I felt for my baby Brother.

He is a kind soul. He never has anything negative to say. About anyone. Even people that should have negative things said about them!!
When I found out that I had cancer I couldn't even call him. It was too difficult. I regret that he had to find out by email. I am sorry for that Adam. I just couldn't tell you. Just writing about telling him is bringing tears to my eyes! Sorry Bubba.

In order to celebrate their marriage, we had his fiance's bachelorette party this weekend. I am happy to report it was VERY calm. We had a few drinks, ate some pizza, and watched a movie. Yes, I said watched a movie. This is what Cherie chose and I was happy to oblige. It was actually nice to hang out with my family and just talk.
Congratulations Uncle Adam. You are marrying a very sweet young lady. I am a little upset about my little brother getting married though. What if you don't need me now that you have a wife? Please promise me that you will always need me, k?!

My sister, Jacki, my future sister in law, Cherie, and me.

Aunt Cherie, Ella, and Uncle Adam

PS My next post is my 200th post!

What ever should I blog about? I am thinking, since I skipped this on my 100th post, blogging about 100 things about me. What do you guys think? Does anyone really want to know 100 random things about me?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Make A Difference Monday

Have you enjoyed a Diet Pepsi for me yet? Usually I have one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Oh how I miss this caffeine goodness. Please tell me that you all have enjoyed at least one for me this morning.

You guys have all heard me talk about the dear McMommy, right? Well today she did a post just for me. And guess what's even better, she is going to compile all the comments from this post and make a wonderful quilt for me to take to my treatments. I know this will give me the strength that I need to whoop this. I would love it if all of my wonderful readers would hop on over to McMommy's blog and leave a comment. It would mean so much to see your comments and your name on this quilt.

Wish me luck today during the PET scan. Tomorrow my day will begin with blood work, followed by an appt to the dermatologist to have three more moles removed. The oncologist didn't feel they were cancerous, however he didn't want them to become cancerous.

Wednesday I have a follow up appt with the surgeon and on Thursday we meet back with the oncologist to go over the CT scan and the PET scan. Best case scenario right now is that it only spread to those two lymph nodes. However, for some odd reason I feel that it has spread farther. I don't know why. It's just a gut feeling.

Please pray that my gut is wrong. I think I would be ok with being wrong this time!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What A Week!

This week we have been blessed with many visitors.

One of the visitors that stopped by was our Pastor from church. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about him stopping by.


Because honestly, I am mad. I am mad at God for making me go through all of this. Doesn't He know that I have two beautiful little children that really need me?

When our Pastor asked how my faith was right now, I just looked at him. Then I told him that it was pretty weak right now. I was happy to hear that my feelings are perfectly normal. I was a little embarrassed for exposing this weakness and this anger to my Pastor, but we are very blessed to belong to a wonderful church with wonderful people.

Our Pastor also asked how support was going outside of the church. Of course, I told him that my family and most of Cody's family has been very supportive.

I then mentioned my bloggy friends. At first he sort of looked at me like I was insane.

A blog?

What is that?

I explained what it is, and how most of you have kids around my kids age and even though you don't "know" what I am going through, you are so supportive.

Some of you even know how much I LOVE mail and how much it cheers me up.

This last week I went to get the mail, and found a package. I have been ordering cloth diapers (yes, I made the switch and I LOVE them, but more on that later) so I just figured that's what was in the package.

But I was wrong (hey, it happens every now and then-don't tell my husband though). It wasn't diapers. It was this awesome book, from the fabulous McMommy!! I would read the wonderful note to you, but I think I will keep that all to myself. I will tell you that it is on my fridge, and every time I get into the fridge I read these underlined letters: You Will Beat This! Since I tend to get into the fridge a lot, this is a wonderful reminder of the strength that I get from you guys.

The next day I went to get the mail and I had another package. Again, I thought they were the cloth diapers that I had ordered (which still have not come!!) but it was another package from a wonderful bloggy friend, Kristen. She sent some of my favorites, a magazine (to read while I wait in the Dr's office) some Double Stuffed Oreos (almost all gone!), a "bye-bye" for Kyler (which he is currently sleeping with) and some teething rings for Ella (she seems to enjoy them).

The next day this BEAUTIFUL flower bouquet was delivered from our friends Phoebe, Jaime, and Carter. No, they don't have a blog (but should). I did, however, write about our evening with them here.

I also received some beautiful flower arrangements from Kyler and Ella, Cody's work, and my Aunt and Uncle.

I really hope all of you know how much this means to, not only myself, but to Cody also.

I'll be honest. I cry every day. Night time is especially bad for some reason. But getting something like this from people that mean so much to me helps so much. I need this. I thrive on this.

Thank you all so much. We really need all the support that we can get. I am going to beat this. I HAVE to beat this. I refuse to leave my babies without a mommy.

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