Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ummm, yeah, about that...

One of the blogs that I read tells you when and where you can get the best deals on diapers, formula, and all things baby.

This weekend they did a post on the Top 10 Most Worthless Baby Items.

Sadly enough, I own or have owned most of these!

#10 Diaper Pail (Genie and Champ) Check-although I don't use it. It's in the attic. Packed away. Let me know if anyone wants it.

#9 Shopping Cart Cover Check-Just bought one. Seemed like a necessary thing with Ella. Apparently not so necessary with Kyler.

#8 Boppy Nursing Pillow Check-Couldn't really use this to nurse, at least not when they were first born because I am to long. They were too far away from my boob, however, after my surgery this worked out quite well because Ella was bigger.

#7 Infant Shoes Check- Although I never really put them on her.

#6 Hanging Diaper Stacker Hey here's one that I don't have!

#5 Bumbo Baby Seat Check-love this! Never had one with Kyler, but loved it with Ella.

#4 Baby Robe Check- Never really used this either. In fact, I think I gave it to my sister. One more useless thing for her to not use-you're welcome little sis:)

#3 Crib Bedding Set with Bumpers and Quilts Check-of course you need this! Everyone needs this.

#2 Wipe Warmer Check Still use this, although I don't think it is plugged in.

And the most worhtless thing of all?

#1 Bottle Warmer Sweet, one more that I don't have! I wanted one though. The one I wanted was just to expensive for my taste (and budget!)

So does anyone else agree that some of these really are necessary?

Friday, September 12, 2008

It Could Be Worse

On Thursday I had to bring the kids with me to get my shot. They were awesome! Behavior wise anyway.

The Cancer Center has a little resource center. In the resource center they have a play area for the kids.

The nurses at the Cancer Center are fabulous and told me that as long as their are 3 nurses in the back that one of them would come into the resource center and give me my shot! Fabulous! I don't have to drag the kids from room to room.

While we were waiting for the nurse to give me my shot, Ella decided that this would be a perfect time to poop! In her cloth diaper of course!

If you know Ella, you know that pooping is on her favorite things to do. Kyler still has issues to consitpation, Ella has no issues with that. At all!

Since we were making a quick trip I only brought one diaper for each kid and a few wipes. I was hoping that Ella would fall asleep on the way home so I thought I should change her diaper before we left.

Changing Ella's diaper is not an easy task.

She loves to crawl away from you when you are changing it. It's great.

I laid her down.

Took her pants off.

Took her poopy diaper off.

She crawled away.

I brought her back.

Wiped her butt.

She crawled away.

I brought her back.

Wiped her butt again.

Looked at her face.

What's that on her face?

Oh, sh*t, that's sh*t.

On her face!

And her arm.

And her shirt.

Oh, sh*t!

I'm going straight to mommy hell!

And I'm out of wipes!

Ok, get her diaper on and get out to the car.

There are more wipes there.

I went to fasten her diaper and it freakin' ripped!!

Luckily, I had a Kyler diaper.

I got that on her. Got out to the car. Wiped her face off. Drove home and gave her a bath.


I guess it could have been worse.

She could have eaten dog poop! (Right Chelle!!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Daughter, The Bully

The kids started Mom's Day Out last week.

Last year I was one of the teacher's so I got to know the other teachers pretty well.

Ella, my darling daughter, has the same teacher that she had last year. Of course she was only a few months old at that time and her true personality wasn't shining through quite yet.

It is now. Really shining.

When I dropped her off this week I noticed that the teacher was moving some of the toys into another room.

I didn't really think much about it.. Finally, I asked her what she was doing.

That was when she told me.

She has to move these toys because of my daughter.

Apparently, Ella thinks that she is a big girl and she takes these big girl toys and pushes them into the other kids! She also likes to take their binkies (which she will not take at home!) and any toy that they are playing with.

I was shocked.

My daughter?

Bully the other kids?

Apparently, she has learned this from her brother. Who, by the way, does NOT does do that kind of thing at school. He is one of the sweetest little kids at school.

Do you think she is to young for the naughty mat?

Does this look like the face of a bully?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please Come Help Me!

Yesterday I started the shots.

I was tired, but hey, I'm used to that. I'm a mom on chemo! I can handle the tired.

It's the nausea that I can't stand!

Yesterday I was nauseous on and off. It would come and go.

Today however I am EXTREMELY nauseous.

I have some Reglan which seems to work well on the nausea, however it totally knocks me out. I am home, by myself, with the kids. Can't really be knocked out.

I have some samples of a drug called Anzemet. I have never taken it so I am a little nervous about taking it when I am home, alone, with the kids.

I think, for now, I am going to deal with the nausea and just wait for Cody to call and tell me he is almost home. Then I will take the Anzemet and see how I do.

I thought life would be better on the shots.

Life, so far, is not better. Nausea and fatigue are no way to live.

I can't do this for the next 11 months. There is no way.

I will miss out on everything.

This makes me angry.

I am scared that Kyler and Ella will some day remember that I missed out on everything.

I am scared that Kyler is not going to be a mama's boy any more.

I am scared that Ella is not going to be a mama's girl any more.

I am scared that Kyler is never going to be potty trained!

I am scared that Kyler will go to preschool and not know what all the other kids know.

I am scared that Ella is never, EVER going to sleep through the night!

Ok, so some of those had nothing to do with cancer or treatment, they are however, things that I have been freaking out about. Please feel free to tell me that everything with be ok.

Pretty please?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Part Monkey....

Part 2 year old!

Yes, he is climbing daddy's dresser to turn of the movie that HE wanted to watch!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Need A Shot?

Yep, we're training him early!

Oh, don't freak out. It's only water! He found the shot glass in the cupboard (because yes sometimes I let him stand on the counters-hey don't judge-it's easier to let him pick out his own cup!) Anywoo, he saw this and thought it looked like a pretty neat big boy cup. I didn't argue-I thought it looked like a pretty neat big boy cup too:) And a chance for a pretty funny picture!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Weekend Visit

Aunt Jill and Ella

Great Grandma and Ella

This weekend my Grandma and Aunt Jill made the 3 hour drive to come and see us. It was so great to see them both and to catch up. They also brought us KFC and some groceries! Bonus! So not only did I get to see my family, I also got to eat yummy, greasy food! What a wondereful weekend!
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