Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Answers

After going to, the winner from the previous post is number 3.

Congratulations Wendi at Because Wendi Said So, you are soon to be the proud owner of a Target gift card.

Hope you don't mind waiting a week though, I'm not allowed back at Target for a bit!

Here are the answers from this post. I had a couple real life friends and a couple bloggy friends answer my questions so I am going to figure out who is the winner today. Thanks for playing!

1. Take a stab at my middle name? Dawn

2. Do I speak a second language? Te gusta bailar en el bano? So I speak some Spanish, but not much! I even took 2 years of Spanish and spent a summer in Mexico!

3. Am I a cat lover or dog lover? Totally a dog lover-especially pugs!

4. Do I smoke? No way dude!

5. What is my favorite alcoholic beverage? My very fav? Strawberry daiquiri, second fav is a glass of wine.

6. Am I strong? Physically? Not so much. Emotionally? getting stronger every week!

7. Color of my eyes? blue

8. Do I have any siblings? Yep- 1 little sister and 1 little brother

9. What's one of my favorite things to do? Oh man, just one? Well, I'm telling you two-shopping and playing with my kids (not necessarily in that order!)

10. What's my favorite type of music? I honestly enjoy hip hop, but I don't think it's appropriate for the kids to listen to, so we listen to country most of the time.

11. How tall am I? I love how everyone wrote "tall." I am 5'10 to be exact

12. Am I shy or outgoing? Depends on the situation. I am usually outgoing.

13. Do I have any tattoos? Yep, two. One on my hip, ok it used to be on my hip-now it's a bit lower- of a dolphin jumping through a moon. I got it my freshman year of college to piss off my parents. It worked! (Sorry mom and dad!)
I also have a heart with some tribal stuff on my lower back.

14. How about piercings? 3 in my right ear and 4 in my left. I have that nubby thing pierced. Hurt like hell!

15. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? Used to be rebel, now I am a total rule follower!

16. What is my birth month? May

17. Do I want to see a woman or man as next president? I would have loved to see a woman president, but no such luck huh!

18. Am I a good singer? My kids don't seem to mind, adults however do not care for it!

19. How many children do I have? 3, 2 human babies and 1 pugger

20. If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing that I would bring? Oh goodness, only 1? I would have to say my cell phone so that I can call someone and tell them to get me off this damn island!

21. Am I right handed or left handed? right

22. What type of work do I do? Formerly a Special Education Teacher, now a stay at home mommy

Monday, October 13, 2008

Money Monday

I know I said in this post that I would talk about how I saved money every Monday.

I haven't forgotten that promise.

I just don't want to talk about money! I would rather talk about my kids:) Plus, I'm not all that great at saving money. I find much more joy in spending it!

However, I have been trying to save. We finally got our cell phones on the same plan. That will save us $80 a month. We tried this a few years ago but since he has a blackberry plan we couldn't combine for one reason or another.

I have also set up all of our accounts on This is a fabulous tool. However, it did take some time. It tells you where all your money is going. A few others are, and These are free websites that help you plan your budget.

I gotta say, after entering our info into, I was shocked to see how much of our money goes to a certain store. Let's just say I am not allowed to go to Target for a long, long time. Damn money sucking store!

Something else that has saved us quite a bit of money is cloth diapering. This is something that Cody and I debated on for quite awhile. Was this really something that we wanted to do? Sure it would save money, but is the hassle worth it? Let me tell, the hassle is worth it. I love them. Cody doesn't mind them. And they work great for Ella. I don't even mind the washing. I will admit though, I could do without the poopy diapers. And Ella? Yeah, she poops. A LOT! We do still use disposables at night time, but I only buy diapers when they are on sale and I have a coupon. I have this website in my reader, that my good friend Lindsey pointed out to me. This has been very helpful with sales on diapers and formula. I only have to buy diapers for Ella about every 4 months or so and since Kyler uses cloth diapers a couple times a day I have only had to buy diapers for him about every 4 months.

Now I will admit, when we travel they are not the most convenient. But my parents are ok with us washing them at their house if we need to. We usually don't need to though. I just put them all in a big Ziploc bag and bring them home to wash. Although, now that I am thinking about it, washing them at mom and dad's house would save me some money:)

One other thing that I attempted to do to make some money was take in some clothes that don't fit me anymore (damn babies!) to a resale shop. This was a bit of a joke though. I had a huge bag full of good clothes and they took two shirts and a pair of shoes. Want to know what I made? $5.85 That's right folks. I am rolling in the money now! However, it's $5.85 that I wouldn't have made if I would have just donated the clothes, right?

So, tell me, what have you done to save money this week/month?
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