Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our First Boo-Boo

On Thursday (11/20/08), I had to head to my appt with my oncologist so Daddy stayed home with the kids.

Usually this goes well.

Usually I have my cell phone with me.

Usually I am in and out of the Dr's office within an hour and a half.

Thursday was not a usual day.

I forgot my cell phone.

My appt lasted FOR.EV.ER! Seriously, I was there for 2 hours. I was not happy.

When I FINALLY got home, Daddy yelled at me for forgetting my cell. Then he said, "We've already been to the emergency room." At first I thought he was kidding. Then I saw Kyler's chin.

Apparently, Kyler fell when he was getting into his chair and he landed on his chin.

Of course, Ella was sleeping.

Of course, Daddy did not have any car seats in his car.

So, while Daddy put the car seats in the car, Kyler held a towel to his chin.

Then he got Ella dressed and ready to go.

On the drive Daddy reminded Kyler of how brave and tough he was, and Kyler's response was "I know Daddy, I am tough, I am brave."

Upon arrival to the Drs office, Dr. P said that they usually glue cuts on the chin and that stitches are not required, apparently after seeing the cut on Kyler's chin he changed his mind and put stitches in.

In order to get the stitches in it took Kyler being wrapped up in a blanket like a straitjacket, and three nurses, plus Daddy in order to hold him down to get the stitches in.

Daddy tried hard to calm Kyler down, he even asked Kyler to sing his ABC's. Kyler did-at the top of his lungs! Silly boy!

Overall, Kyler proved to be a very brave young man.

And I have vowed to never, ever leave Kyler again!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Outdoor Fun

Earlier this week it was nice enough to go outside and play for a bit.

Ella hasn't really been able to experience the backyard on her own since she wasn't walking.

Now that she is officially a "walker" she was able to really check out the backyard.

She had a blast going from toy to toy to grass to rocks to swingset.

It was awesome to see the simple joy on her face. And all because she was exploring. What a beautiful sight for a mommy to see.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where She Go?

Has anyone seen Ella?


She's where?

On top of the toilet?
No way!
I turned my back for 5 seconds and this is where I found Ella!
This little girl is wearing me out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Born Late?

I am pretty sure that Ella was actually supposed to be born in November. Yes, I know her due date was January 8th and yes I realize that she was born on January 8th. But seriously, the girl has done EVERYTHING about 2 months early.

She rolled over at 1 month.

She crawled at 6 months.

She walked at 10 months.

She fed herself at 10 months.

And she currently has 3 of her 4 one year molars.

What in the world is going on here?

Why is my baby girl in such a hurry to grow up!?

Almost Wordless Wednesday

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I love my baby nephew sooooo much!
Ella got tired of sitting, so she made the executive decision that the photo session was over!

Pretty Girl!

Kyler has been so sweet to his sissy lately. He has even been trying to feed her!

Check out those baby blues!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kyler's Birthday Party

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This weekend we celebrated Kyler's 3rd birthday party. It's hard to believe that my little man is already 3 years old!

Hmmmm, I wonder what this is.

Sweet! I got Mack!
This book is pretty funny! It has a polka dotted panda and a fish with fur! That's silly!

Kyler blowing out the candles on his Tonka truck cake. If you look really close you can see that Kyler was blowing the candles so hard that spit came out of his mouth. Let's just say I started cutting on the other end of the cake!

The three cousins!
Kyler, Ella, and Deegan
Aren't they a cute looking bunch!
After the presents and the cake we went outside to play in "Jumpy Jumpy." The weather was wonderful and the kids had a blast playing outside.

Even Grandpa and Uncle Adam enjoyed Jumpy Jumpy!

Kyler and Hunter enjoyed some play time in the sand box.

While the kids played, I enjoyed some snuggle time with Deegan. Good times!

Thank you everyone who was able to make it. You helped make Kyler's 3rd birthday a wonderful event!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prayer Request

Whenever I receive a new comment I get a little giddy inside. Does anyone else feel that way?

The best is when you get a comment from a new reader. Last week, I received a comment from a young mom of 4. If I don't know the commenter I always click on their name to check out their blog. Sometimes I leave a comment, sometimes I just read their story.

With this young mama I did both. Her story tore me up inside and inspired me at the same time.

She is currently fighting the battle of her life. In September 2008, a mass was discovered in her lung which has now been identified as Large b-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

She is currently undergoing chemo while trying to live her life to the fullest. She is trying to enjoy her 4 young children and still have a life outside of cancer.

I can relate.

When I first found out that I had cancer, the support that I received from my friends in Bloggeritaville was AMAZING. It still is.

So, I have a request. Please head on over to Molly's blog and offer her your prayers.

Speaking from experience you can never have to many prayers, get well thoughts, or hugs and kisses:)

Now, while I am not asking you to hug or kiss her, prayers and get well thoughts would be great:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

300th post

My 300th post is coming up. I have been tossing around ideas in my head about what I should do. I think I have settled on a question/answer session.

My goal is to get at least 30 questions (that's 10% of 300, because I'm pretty sure I can't answer 300 questions!)

Sooooo, please, ask away. What would you like to know about little ole' me?

You can leave the question in my comments or you can shoot me an email at

I can't wait to read all of your questions. This is going to be so much fun:)
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