Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day Fun

For Thanksgiving we went to Cody's parents on Wednesday and my Grandma's house on Thursday. I am so thankful that we were able to spend time with the family that we love and care about.

It's been a rough year and there are days when I am not sure how to be thankful. But, despite everything that has happened this year, I will never forget how lucky I am to have two wonderful children that make me smile a million different times a day.

At Grandma and Grandpa Snyder's house we ate lots of turkey, drank some wine, and hung up Christmas decorations. The weather was beautiful so we spent most of the time playing outside and hanging up decorations.

Kyler helping with the reindeer.

Kyler checking out what is going on in the front yard.

Kyler showing Ella the leaves.

Ella thinking about eating the leaves!

Miss Ella sitting pretty in the grass.

On Thursday we went to my Grandparents house where we enjoyed Turkey, lots of dessert, a game of cards, and Lightning McQueen!
Kyler and Grandpa S in the refurbished wagon.
My Grandpa found this on the side of the road, took it home and rebuilt it so that Kyler would have something to ride around in on Thanksgiving.
Thank you so much Great Grandpa.
You made Kyler a very happy little boy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Close Ups

This post is mainly for me.

I wanted to make sure that I have close up pics of Kyler's stitches documented for his blog book that I will surely get made some day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My 300th Post!

In honor of my 300th post, my wonderful bloggy friends asked me some fabulous questions.

Here are the answers to your questions, thank you all for asking away.

For more (un)interesting facts about me, click here to read my 200th post.

Heather asks:
How did you and your hubby decide on the names of your children?
With Kyler our original baby name was stolen by a certain family member, so we had to go back to the drawing board. We had a list of 22 baby boy names. Cody went in one room and I went in another room and we wrote down our top 5 names. Kyler was the only name that we both had on the list so we figured that name was meant to be.

With Ella, we were actually going to name her Gabriella, but changed our minds at the last minute. We kept her name a secret!

Melissa asks:
When and how did you and you hubby meet?
Cody and I met in college, at a bar, late one night, when we were both quite intoxicated. Oh yes, a true love story:)

When did you get married?
May 31, 2003

When you get your clean bill of health and all this cancer business is behind you, what are you going to do to celebrate?
I really want to take the kids on a fun trip to Disney World (and this would give me a chance to meet McMommy too!)

Hope asks:
Name 10 things in your life that give you joy!
-Diet Pepsi
-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-Cable TV
-A good sale on baby clothes!
-Free food
-Clean cloth diapers

Jacquie asks:
What is your favorite food?
I love Mexican food! And Sonic. Gotta love Sonic!

Were you able to eat it during chemo with all the nausea?
The first month of chemo I didn't eat much. One day Cody brought me a Subway sandwich and I haven't been able to look at Subway the same way since! It reminds me of that awful time when I pretty much lived at the Cancer Center.

Jeany asks:
Do you plan on expanding your family any more?
Depends on the day you ask me! Ella is quite the handful and she keeps me on my toes for now. Some days I think I want one more, other days I am happy with my two. Part of me thinks, here I have two perfect little children, why tempt fate. Especially after going through chemo. What if it affects the 3rd baby. I'm not sure that is something that I am willing to risk. I need to research the effects of Interferon more.

Christy asks:
What do you most enjoy about being a stay-at-home mom?
I love that I get to spend each and every day with my children. I get to see them grow and change and learn. I love that.

And on the flipside, what is the worst part of being a stay-at-home mom?
I have to deal with all the tantrums! And I have to cook all the meals!

Chelle asks:
What's your favorite movie of all time?
Sweet Home Alabama

How many cloth diapers to you have :)
A ton! I think around 40. I am currently cloth diapering both kids during the day so we had to have plenty. You know I enjoy cloth diapering-now if I could just convince more of you to take the plunge!

Do you have a crush on any actors?
Chad Michael Murray-he is just so cute and sweet on One Tree Hill

What's your favorite color?
Pink, pink and more pink! I love pink!

What's your least favorite color?
Orange-I look awful in orange.

What is one thing on your Christmas list?
One thing? I really would love to have a Canon SLR camera, but alas, it probably won't be happening this year. Stupid economy!

amanda asks:
What is your favorite Christmas gift ever?
We got engaged on Christmas in 2001, so I would have to say that my engagement ring is my favorite gift so far.

Lisa asks:
Any positives from your experience with cancer?
This is a hard question. It's hard to find positives from something that sucks so much! I do have to say that it has made me look at my life differently. I savor each and every moment with my kids. My love for them has grown and that is something I truly didn't think was possible.

Kerry asks:
Who was your favorite teacher and why?
I adored my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Fockele. Why? I'm not sure why I liked her so much, but I remember she did a reading contest and I won-that probably has something to do with it!

Jen asks:
If you won the lottery, what are three extravagant purchases you would make? (ie not giving money to family/friends/charity)
Bigger house
Bigger car
New Laptop for my husband

When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Oddly enough, my 3rd grade teacher asked this right before Parent Teacher Conferences and I put housewife! Big aspirations, I know! As I got older, I knew that I was supposed to be a Special Education Teacher. Not many people can handle it, and if you can, then it's something you gotta go for!

On the same note, have your career aspirations changed?
Maybe. When the kids enter school I plan to go back to teaching, but for now I am truly enjoying my life as a stay at home mommy.

Is there anything you really want to accomplish in this lifetime (aside from being a great mom/wife)?
Seriously woman, you asked some tough questions!

My main goal is, of course, to be an excellent mommy and wife, but I also strive to be a good Christian, daughter, daughter in law, sister, and friend.

Oh, and to make a million dollars before I die. But seeing as how my job pays $0, I don't see that one happening!

Anonymous asks:
What is the best /favorite quality of your kids and hubby?
My fav quality of Kyler is the way he cares about others. He is one of the kindest souls I know.
My fav quality of Ella is the way that NOTHING scares her. She has a true go get 'em attitude. She will go far in life.
My fav quality of Cody's is his patience. He is wonderful with the children and with me.

What is the best gift you have ever given?
I bought Cody's wedding band around Christmas in 2oo2, however, he didn't get it until May 2003. Does that count as giving a gift? That's all I can think of!

Hopefully you made it this far! Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 24, 2008

9 month pictures at 10 months

When Ella was first born, I decided that every three months I would take (or have taken) her picture in a different colored tutu. You can click here and here to see her pics at 3 months and 6 months.

I kind of slacked on the 9 month pics and just now took them myself. I had her 3 and 6 month pictures professionally taken, but I am trying to save money so I did her 9 (10) month pictures myself.

They turned out ok. As she gets older it gets harder to get some good pics out of her.

Silly, little, active girl!

So, tell me, which one is your favorite?




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