Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This morning Kyler BEGGED to play outside in the snow. After much begging I finally gave in. I got him all bundled up and he played outside for about 20 minutes. I am pretty sure being outside was the highlight of his week!
He looks a little mad here because I won't stop taking his picture!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is safe in our house!

She looks so proud of herself though, how could I possibly get mad!

Monday, December 8, 2008

11 Months Old Today

Happy 11 month birthday Ella Grace!

I can't believe in one more month you will be a one year old!

My how time flies when you are keeping mommy on her toes!

Currently you can say mama, dada, ball, hi and bye.

You wave and blow kisses on cue.

You weigh 21.8 lbs and are 30 inches long.

You hate veggies but will eat almost any type of fruit I put in front of you. (Daddy says you are going to be like your mama and have a sweet tooth. He's probably right-sorry Ella.)

You love your bottles and sippy cups and would drink from those all day if I let you.

You have mastered the straw, but would prefer your bottle.

You love to get into the fridge and pull things out.

You hate to have your diaper changed and your clothes change. Probably because it means you have to sit still for a few seconds!

Everything you touch automatically goes into your mouth first. You must taste it before you can play with it!

You love your big brother very much. You light up when you see him. Then you pull his hair and all is good in the brotherly/sisterly love world.

Even though you can walk you still love mommy or daddy to hold you.

When I tell you I love you, you automatically blow kisses.

You, my dear Ella, are one amazing girl. I can not imagine my life without you. Thank you for keeping us on our toes these past 11 months. I love you.

One of your favorite things to do is play with your Daddy and big brother.

This is also one of your favorite things to do. No, not play with Kyler. Eat the letters from the dry erase board. Yeah, apparently they taste delicious.

This is what you do when you are tired and cranky and mommy won't pick you up.

At one point you were actually in the box. Then you decided that sitting on it was way more fun!

Kyler took this picture of you and even though it's not the best, I thought he did pretty good for a 3 year old!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slipping and Sliding

Yesterday I brought out the big guns.

Yep, the Little Tikes slide. I didn't know how Ella would do with the slide, but she LOVED it!

She struggled a little with going up the stairs on the slide, but had a grand time going up the slide part! Silly girl.

I have to admit, this little lady amazes me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY by what she can do. Sometimes I just sit and watch her. Totally in awe at what an amazing little gal she is.

Thank you Ella for being you. I love you.

Ella going UP the slide!
Yes, her eyes really are THAT blue! Gorgeous aren't they!

She loved sliding down the slide, but she kept wanting to turn over and go down on her tummy!

Good thing she has HUGE feet. The better to grip the slide with! Just like a little monkey!

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