Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's All Good

Just wanted to let you all know that the CT scan came back and it showed "No Abnormalities!"

YEAH! Woo-Hoo! and Yipee!

The Dr said that if I continue to have headaches they will do an MRI because apparently CT scans don't show everything.

I am still having headaches so when I go back to the Dr in January I will probably have an MRI scheduled.

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. You guys are seriously the greatest!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Secret

I have a secret.

Something that very few people know about.

I'm not sure why I haven't talked about it on my blog. My blog is my release of sorts. Writing makes me feel better. I think part of me is scared. Part of me is nervous. And part of me thinks I'm just being silly.

So here goes, my secret is, last Friday I had a CT scan of my brain. I have been having really bad headaches for the last month or so and I decided it was time to tell the Dr about it. He scheduled a CT scan right away.

I am still waiting on the results. I hate waiting. Waiting is the hardest part.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as we wait for the results.

Please pray that my headaches are just sinus related issues and nothing more.

Please pray that the results will be in today! I am so sick of the waiting!
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