Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Bad Day

To All

Heather asked me (Cody) to put the following post up today.

Today, was not a very good day. Heather has been sick most of the day, fighting a little nausea and overall sickness. I remember one of the doctors saying that the chemo drugs will act a little slower than the interleukin-2 and there might be a couple day lag time of feeling better before those drugs kick in. Let's hope that is what is going on , and not that she caught some sickness from the kiddos upon returning home this week. With her weakened immune system either is possible, but let's hope it is the side effects. We hope and pray that tomorrow will be a better day.

The other message to pass along is that we have been blessed with good friends, family, and acquaintances. Many people have heard our story and done the simplest things for us and these simple things have an impact that is indescribable. The simple act of reading a "get well" or "thinking of you" has an overwhelming impact on our day to day lives. We have recieved numerous cards, gift cards, gift/travel packages, as well as gifts of evening meals and last night member of our church mowed our lawn. We are more than grateful and appreciative of these simple, but kind acts as they are more than uplifting. We have begun the process of writing the many thank you cards, and are falling a little bit behind. Please know that these cards will be coming, but it might take us a little time to catch up.

With Love and God Bless


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Love My Babies!

You don't realize how MUCH you love your children until you have to be away from them. I realize that I HAVE to be away. I have to be away so that I am here with them for many, many years. Still sucks though!

When we landed last night, we had the very best surprise at the airport. My kiddos, my parents, and my in laws were all waiting to greet us. I was so happy I cried. In fact, I'm]] crying now just thinking about how happy I was! I hugged and kissed and hugged my kids some more. At first Kyler was a little nervous about hugging me because I, quite honestly, don't look all that great. My skin is peeling pretty bad. Now, it just looks like I got a really bad sunburn, but to a 3 year old it probably looks a little weird. No worries though, he got over it. I had to be careful around Ella because she has a cold right now. Catching a cold right now could land me in the hospital. So I still haven't really got to hug and kiss on sissy as much as I would like, but we've been blowing lots of kisses:)

Please hugs your kids a little tighter tonight. I know it's easy to take that time with them for granted, but remember how lucky you are to spend that precious time with them. They truly are a blessing, aren't they?
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