Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 18 months + 1

Dear Ella,

Yesterday you turned 18 months. Since July 8th is a little hard for me, we are going to celebrate you being 18 months today. The day is all yours my love, whatever you want to do we will do. Except the pool, sorry, mommy can't do water right now.

At 18 months, you are way ahead of the game. You are so smart it amazes me. Grandma is afraid that you are going to have mommy's looks and daddy's brains. What a scary combo!

You know all your body parts, the sounds of most animals, the beginning of the alphabet, you can count to 3, you love, love, love to read books, dance, hear mommy sing (pretty sure you're the only one!), watch movies (but only in the car!), you give kisses, hugs, and high fives to everyone.

You run, jump, and hop. You love to color, unfortunately it's not always on what I want you to color on!

Lately you have been wanting to sit on the potty. So far, nothing happens, but it's a good start. I'm very proud of you for just wanting to try! Considering you have been taking off your cloth diapers and "pish poshing" on my floor lately, I would really like you to do your business in the potty!

You are constantly on the go. You go 90 to nothing constantly. You are also either happy or really pissed off. Your way of letting us know how pissed you are is by throwing yourself on the floor, carefully so that you don't hurt your head I might add, and kicking your legs and pounding your fists on the ground. Oh the drama! The best part is if you don't get the attention that you want, you stop, look around to see if we are watching, and then continue.

Bedtime has become a real nightmare. You have been in a big girl bed for awhile now and even though you stay in your room you still throw a major fit at bedtime. You just want to rock. All. The. Time! It's getting old, so feel free to stop that at any time.

Even though bedtime sucks, you have proven to be a fabulous addition to our family. You are a wonderful, caring, loving, fun little gal and your daddy, brother, and I love you so very much. Please don't ever change little Princess.

Love- Mommy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

18 months and 1 year

Today marks two important milestones in my life. My baby girl turns 18 months. 18 months, I can't believe it. Where oh where has time gone? It also marks the day that I was diagnosed with cancer. So, yes, the day that my baby girl turned 6 months was the day that the Dr broke the wonderful news to me that he was 99% sure that it was Melanoma and that it didn't look good.

I remember everything about that day. I remember getting ready for the Dr appt and thinking it would be no big deal. Not one time did I ever think that the spot on my calf was cancer. Never. Now I think every little thing on my body is cancer.

I remember sitting in the waiting room.

I remember showing the nurse the spot on my calf.

I remember her silence as she looked at it and looked at me.

I remember the Dr looking at the spot and asking me why I wasn't in there sooner.

I remember him telling me it was cancer.

I remember him feeling the lymph nodes in my groin and asking me how long those had been enlarged.

I remember the Dr removing the spot on my calf and lecturing me about the sun.

I remember calling my mom and telling her to have the phone close because I needed her.

I remember calling my mom back and her not answering.

I remember calling my husband and him saying "Ok" and me wanting to beat him for his response.

I hated that day. And I hate that I hate it. It was the day my little Princess turned 6 months, I shouldn't hate that day. But I do.
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