Saturday, May 8, 2010

Science Center


On Wednesday we headed back to Nashville to see if getting our stuff was even a possibility. (It was not, btw!) The chemo makes my skin extremely photosensitive, so being outside for long periods of time is not an option. So, we settled on the Children’s Science Center. It was definitely geared for older kids, as far as the information they were supposed to understand from the exhibits, but my kiddos loved it none the less!



Playing the floor piano


Climbing the backbone ladder



This was Kyler’s favorite part! You attached a parachute to a clip, pulled the rope to the top, the parachute was released and you tried to catch it as it came down.


Kept him busy for at least 45 minutes!





Peek-a-boo Mama:)

Our Family “Vacation”

Ha! I use the term “vacation” loosely. You know, seeing as how Nashville, TN was under water and all!
Even though we lost all our stuff, we still had our car, so we tried to make the best of it. After I got out of the hospital on Monday, we rested at the hotel and went out to eat.
On Tuesday we loaded up the car and headed to Chattanooga to the Tennessee Aquarium. It was awesome! We were so glad that we made the drive.

We’re off….
Outside the Aquarium, they had these cute little manmade brooks and streams.

Giving hugs inside one of the exhibits.
Petting the stringrays.

Checking out the butterflies in the Butterfly Garden.

It tickles Mama!

It’s so pretty!
Sitting inside a viewbox thingy.
Loving on a penguin statue outside the penguin icehouse.
318   319
And afterwards we let them play and play in the water. I think they enjoyed that more than anything else! And it was free!
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