Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Pictures

In August 2008, right before I started my first round of chemo we had some beautiful family pictures taken. The pictures turned out wonderful, and even though we spent a small fortune on them, I have never once regretted it! We have them hanging on the wall in our living room and everyone that comes over comments on how beautiful they are.

Since I was getting ready to start yet another round of stupid chemo, I wanted to have some new family pictures taken. It worked out perfectly, one of my bloggy friends was coming to town and offered to take some pictures. I was so excited to meet her and have here take some pictures. The bad part was that happened to be the week that Ella fell on her face off of the hot tub. But, oh well, just another memory, right!?

Here are a few ton of my favorites! Didn’t Tricia do an awesome job!!

I loved them all! Choosing was so difficult. Luckily, I was the winner of a photo book, so I was able to purchase my very favorite pics and then the rest were put into a book. The book is perfect because I can bring it with me on my trips!



IMG_0001.1        IMG_0015.2



IMG_0018.1             IMG_0032.1

IMG_0022.1         IMG_0106


IMG_0028.1                            IMG_0033.1


IMG_0051.1              IMG_0063.1

IMG_0101.2                    IMG_0103.3

IMG_0129.1 IMG_0118

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nashville Tennessee Flood 2010

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