Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pool Time!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a purchase that I came to regret. I tend to do that. I get depressed, I order things online. I cheer up, then I regret the purchase and resolve to return said purchase.

This time my purchase was a pool for the kids. I decided to return it when it came in the mail. However, Kyler opened the box that the pool came in and discovered a pool was inside. At this point there was no way I could return it!

So, I made the best of it. We filled it with air, then filled it with water. The kids both LOVE it! Best.Purchase.Ever!!


I have yet to get any cute pictures of Kyler playing in the pool, but here are some adorable pictures of Miss Ella!|








Parade and Benefit

My awesome friends here in Derby offered to hold a benefit for me and my family to help with medical expenses. In order to get the word out about the benefit, my friend, Amy, offered to do a float for our local Derby Days parade. The theme was “Hang 10 in 2010” so Amy did a surfer theme for our float. We had these amazing posters made for the sides of the float. They turned out wonderful!










The benefit was held on June 19th. There was a spaghetti supper, silent auction, a band, a bounce house and games for the kids. We had a wonderful turnout, around 250 people were able to come and quite a bit of money was raised to help with medical expenses. Huge thank yous to everyone that was able to come and show your support! We truly appreciate it.


Kyler holding his cousin Aria (2.5 months)


My friend Stacy, me, and my friend Timili (who did a LOT to help with the benefit)


My friend Becca’s little girl, Julianna, and me


My friends Jennifer and Adriane (Aunt A) and me

P1030861_edited-1 P1030862_edited-1 P1040014_edited-1

Ella                                     Kyler                                   Molly

P1030864_edited-1   P1040008_edited-1 

My friends setting up                     Kyler and his friends playing


My friend Becca and me.  Check out my lovely swollen leg!

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