Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Unsuspecting Daddy


Apparently, at our house, this is the new “in” thing! When Daddy is least expecting it, the kids climb up behind him and crawl onto his shoulders.



I think it’s pretty funny.


And so does Ella! Just look how proud she is of herself!

Fourth of July Fun

This year was pretty low key. Our neighbors had a lot of people over so we hung out in our driveway and their driveway most of the evening.

We stopped on our way home from Church and bought a small amount of fireworks. Just enough to satisfy the kiddos but not break the pocketbook!

Once it got dark and the fireworks really started going off, Ella totally freaked out. So, Ella and I spent the evening inside watching Dora, while Kyler and Daddy sat outside and watched the fireworks. I was ok with it. I could do without the fireworks. Cuddling with my girl and watching Dora sounded like a pretty good evening to me:)



Ella and Daddy holding a sparkler.



Kyler hanging out inside.



Kyler showing me his frog firecracker.



The kids going through the fireworks.



Ella holding the airplane firecracker.





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