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I am so glad that I bought this for the kids! On a nice day, we spend around 4 hours a day in it. A few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. It’s not huge, but it is the perfect size for these two!

And the best part? The rarely fight when they are swimming! Woo Hoo!!




Don’t mind the step stool floating in the pool! That was for me.

I was actually sitting on it, in the pool, while the kids played. It was the perfect height!

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 P1040211_edited-1 P1040216_edited-1

Exploration Place


One day we decided to head to Exploration Place with some friends. Now that the kids are bigger, I found that Exploration Place is a lot less stressful from me! I have no fear that someone will take Kyler. Believe me! The kid would NEVER let that happen! Ella, on the other hand, is a little more willing so I do have to keep a close eye on her. But, if she is with Kyler I feel pretty safe. Not that I would ever let them run wild, but Exploration Place is rather large, and my kids are, well, rather quick! I use to stress majorly over this, but as they have grown I have felt a little more secure.


Exploration Place 001_edited-1

Kyler, Ella and Sam standing on the bridge. Every time we come I get a picture of the kids right here. I should go through and compare them all to see how much they have grown!

Exploration Place 022_edited-1

They finally finished the Kansas section.This awesome combine was a huge hit!

Exploration Place 015_edited-1Exploration Place 020_edited-1Exploration Place 018_edited-1


    The “Grossology” section. It was pretty neat, however, some of it was, well, rather gross! And some was a little scary for the kids. My kids tend to get freaked out by huge talking heads!


 Exploration Place 006_edited-1   Exploration Place 011_edited-1       Exploration Place 005_edited-1Exploration Place 007_edited-1


Ella, Kyler and Sam in the younger kids section. We can never get enough of the water table!

Exploration Place 026_edited-1Exploration Place 024_edited-1Exploration Place 025_edited-1


Kyler and Ella in the Vet section. And yes, I did question Kyler as to why he was cutting off the dog’s tail. He informed me that he was actually just cutting the bugs off the dogs tail. Whew!

Sports Camp


In July our church offered a sports camp for boys and girls 3-10 (I think!). Kyler was SO excited to participate. He could barely contain himself! After the first day that is ALL he talked about! Well, sports camp and Star Wars (of course!).

Day 1 soccer

Day 2 volleyball

Day 3 basketball

Day 4 (flag) football

Day 5 water sports


Kyler said he enjoyed all the sports, but his least favorite was volleyball. Mine too Buddy, mine too!


I did not have the privilege of being one of the leaders for Sports Camp. VBS just about did me in. I just didn’t feel like it was something that I could handle. But, I did get to come in and take some pictures a couple of days so I was able to see what the kids were doing and how much fun they were having. As I have said before, we belong to a truly wonderful church. We are very blessed! Our Children’s Ministry Director is one of the best and she does a fabulous job of involving the young kids and really tying in the importance of the bible stories in a fun way. I LOVE the fact that Kyler can tell me some of the stories from the Bible and I LOVE that he truly understands them and gets them.

In September Ella will be able to attend Sunday School (and I get to be her teacher!). I am so excited to watch her learn. For the past few months I have been Kyler’s teacher and watching him and his friends learn the stories has been amazing. I know it will be different with Ella’s class, but I am so excited to share the story of God will little ones!



Simply gorgeous I tell ya!



Ella with one of my BFFs little girls, Jenna.



Being good sports

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