Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disney World-Magic Kingdom Day One

DisneyWorld Baby!! 001_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 002

Our first day at Disney was a Saturday and we decided to head to Magic Kingdom.

Not the best idea we have ever had! It was packed! But the kids still had fun and

even though we didn’t get to ride a ton of rides, we were still able to check the

place out and get a feel for it.


DisneyWorld Baby!! 012_edited-1 

Every afternoon this is what the kids did!

DisneyWorld Baby!! 013

DisneyWorld Baby!! 020 DisneyWorld Baby!! 025

DisneyWorld Baby!! 029_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 030_edited-1


An afternoon parade.

DisneyWorld Baby!! 032_edited-1

The Magic Kingdom

DisneyWorld Baby!! 035_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 036_edited-1

Cinderella’s castle.                     My Cinderella!

DisneyWorld Baby!! 034_edited-1

Cinderella’s Castle

 DisneyWorld Baby!! 086_edited-1

Daddy being “Goofy!”

 DisneyWorld Baby!! 088_edited-1 

Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother and stepsisters

 DisneyWorld Baby!! 096_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 099_edited-1

Cinderella’s carriage and my own little Ella posing in front of the carriage.

Pumpkin Patch 2010

022 023

Hayrack ride out to the Pumpkin Patch

024 026

Feeding the goats

027 029

030 032

Picking out the perfect pumpkins!

037  039


040 041

Wheeeeee! Tallest.Slide.Ever! Freaked this Mama out!

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