Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kyler’s 5th Birthday

Kylers Birthday 001_edited-1Kylers Birthday 002_edited-1

All Kyler asked for for his birthday was a Guinea Pig. That’s it. He had his

heart set on that.

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I’ll be honest though, my heart was NOT set on that! I didn’t want to add more

stress to my life! But, I will do anything to make my little man smile. So, I gave

in. We went to Petco. While we were checking out the Guinea Pigs the manager

came over to help us. He then told us that his ex wife had a Guinea Pig that

they were trying to find a home for. He gave us their number. When we were

out of Petco I called them. Everything seemed to work out perfectly. Come to

find out the people we got the Guinea pig from were in laws of a family from our

church. When things work out I know it is meant to be.

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Kyler named his new pet “I Love You” but has since resorted back to

her original name, which is “Pepper”. Pepper has been a fabulous

addition to our little house, but honestly, I could do without the


Kylers Birthday 012_edited-1

Kyler also received a few other presents. Nothing huge, but a

couple of coloring things to keep him occupied on cold winter days.

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On his birthday we had a family party at 1pm and then he had his friend party

at 4:15. Both were a huge success!

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Kylers Birthday 054_edited-1

Kyler’s birthday cake from Dillons

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Kylers Birthday 060_edited-1Kylers Birthday 061_edited-1

Kyler’s friend party was at Raeann’s, here in Derby. It is where

Ella takes gymnastics lessons. They all had a fabulous time!

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My friend, Amy DeVault, made the potato head cakes and my other friend, Becca, had

her Sister in law made the rocket ship cupcake cake.


Kylers Birthday 086_edited-1Kylers Birthday 089_edited-1

Singing Happy Birthday

Kylers Birthday 102_edited-1Kylers Birthday 107_edited-1

Opening presents.

Kylers Birthday 108_edited-1Kylers Birthday 113_edited-1

Ella cuddling with her Grandpa

Kylers Birthday 114_edited-1Kylers Birthday 115_edited-1

More presents.                                          Me cuddling with one of my favorite little boys, Noah

Kylers Birthday 117_edited-1

Daddy, mommy, and the birthday boy

Sunday, October 31, 2010


For Halloween we attended the church’s Trunk or Treat and then
came home to go trick or treating in our neighborhood.

Halloween 001_edited-1
My beautiful Cinderella Princess
Halloween 009_edited-1
She got the Princess dress at Disney World and the hat from
the Renassiance Festival.
Halloween 010_edited-1Halloween 011_edited-1
My tough little Wolverine
Halloween 012_edited-1Halloween 015_edited-1
Check out his homemade claws! He is ready to save the world!
Halloween 017_edited-1
Cake walk at Trunk or Treat
Halloween 024_edited-1Halloween 025_edited-1
Eating his cupcake that he won from the cake walk.
Halloween 026_edited-1Halloween 028_edited-1
Posing pretty before we go trick or treating.
Halloween 029_edited-1Halloween 031_edited-1
Every year we have one of the grandparents join us for trick or treating.
It’s kind of become a tradition. This year we had Grandma and
Grandpa Snyder join us for the joyous occasion!
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